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The player can choose whether to follow the game's story, which can be completed in around 15 hours of gameplay, or to complete missions, leading to around 50 hours of gameplay for a 100% completion.Some missions can only be unlocked by accomplishing certain story parts.He is a SOLDIER working for the Shinra Electric Power Company under Director Lazard Deusericus.The game tells the tale of Zack's battle against the villainous SOLDIER defector, Genesis Rhapsodos, and the other products of the Jenova Project.Materia is part of the magic and ability system, like in Final Fantasy VII, but it's slightly different.Summon Materia are no longer under the player's control, and instead, are added to the DMW. Materia does not divide like it did in Final Fantasy VII, though it does level up if two matching numbers corresponding to the slot are drawn in a modulating phase (the likelihood of a level up is based upon a hidden EXP counter that gains points as Zack defeats enemies; the higher the counter, the greater chance of leveling up); 1 - 4 as a SOLDIER 2nd Class, or 1 - 6 as a SOLDIER 1st Class.In some cases special weapons are utilized, like wielding a parasol during a vacation to Costa del Sol.

Only the distant Wutai nation opposes Shinra's hegemony, but the Shinra armies are making headway into defeating the nation with its army that includes an elite force called SOLDIER, consisting of Mako-enhanced humans, and three SOLDIER enhanced with both Mako and Jenova cells: the SOLDIER First Class members.Several playable or otherwise major characters from Final Fantasy VII make cameo appearances.The world is in the grip of the Shinra Electric Power Company who dominates via its monopoly to Mako energy, a power sourced directly from the Lifestream, the life force of the Planet itself.Two to four pieces of equipment can be worn depending on requirements. More shops are added by proceeding in the storyline, and by doing missions which reward the player with access to new shops.None of the shops will sell Phoenix Downs, which must be found in treasure chests or won in missions.