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to inquire into the mints 1547, of Admiralty in Nov.

He had sat in the previous Parliament for Heytesbury, where if he had needed any reinforcement of of his position as lessee of the demesne he could have looked for it either to Seymour or to Queen Catherine Parr, from whom as a member of her household he received New Year’s gifts of satin in 15. A fortnight earlier Seymour’s brother the Protector had sent three men to examine the accounts at Bristol.

Of the extensions made by him there survives only an octagonal tower.

The alterations and improvements incorporating many renaissance and mannerist features were then to the forefront of fashion in England and have justly become famous.

A fortnight before his death he wrote to (Sir) John Thynne at Longleat apologizing for not sending a workman.

Seymour employed Sharington’s men at Sudeley and Bromham where over £2,500 was spent on improvements, and in May 1551 the Council asked Sharington to spare for a few more months a workman of his engaged on the royal works in the Scilly Isles.8Early in 1546 Sharington was appointed under treasurer of the mint at Bristol where he proceeded to make a substantial profit not only for the King but also for himself and for Seymour.