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But by lining up against Wariner, Pistorius has already won one victory.Never before has an amputee athlete been able to claim a place against the world's elite.It was a heartbreaking choice, only settled when Pistorius's parents met some other amputee children. "We met a boy who played tennis for his school and who was a decent runner and swimmer."But it was difficult. He used to curl up and cry laughing when you tickled them. "You could hear the pain."Within six months Oscar was walking with prosthetic stumps.Then you have to take the decision to have them cut off and thrown in the dustbin."He pauses. We still have a card where we wrote all the questions on one side and the answers on the other. By the time he was two he was showing signs of his destiny.

Pistorius himself can't see what all the fuss is about because he considers himself as just another athlete."I'm not disabled," he says breezily."When Oscar was three, he just had two spikes for feet," says Henke. Once these two older boys started pushing him backwards and forwards until he fell over."Oscar got up and they did the same thing again two or three times. "But I knew there would be lots of times when I wouldn't be there to protect him."And when Oscar fell, he grabbed the boy by the chest and kicked him on his chin with his prosthetic limb."The guy fell down and screamed to high heaven.""It was the last of the bullying, and Oscar went on to enjoy an active childhood.