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Mia Swier’s age is 32 and she is a writer and producer, based in Los Angeles.She graduated from New York University with a degree in communications and media studies, with a minor in television production.In fact, it’s through Instagram that Criss announced their engagement.They seem to be the perfect match, the writer and the actor.Surrounded by SWAT officers, Cunanan shot himself on the afternoon of July 25.Following the famous Italian designer's murder, questions were asked about how his killer managed to escape detection for so long and why he hadn't been caught sooner. Simpson was a ratings blockbuster for FX and earned several Emmys.Some celebrities out there jump from dating one famous guy/girl to hooking up with another famous guy/girl. Darren, who's also known for his theatrical skills from starring as J.

Versace, 50, was cremated and his ashes taken back to Milan where a star-studded memorial took place in the city's cathedral on July 22.

She also studied at the New York Film Academy, interned for Darren Criss and Mia Swier are recently engaged and have been together for over seven years now. once said, ‘If they don’t talk about you, they don’t give a damn.’”“I’m concentrating mostly on my music and my band,” he said.

During his famous “nude selfie” on Instagram, Criss, 31, revealed at the time that he asked his then-girlfriend if he should do it, along with a few others.“I’m not much of social [media] guy, but I feel like everyone gets to do one,” he said about the post, which has more than 240k “likes” to date. “My band is called Computer Games and our debut came out in April.

It’s a band with my brother and basically the project we have been working on our entire lives.”She doesn’t have an Instagram account, which means there are no real Mia Swier hot pics floating around out there.

That being said, Swier’s fiancé sure has an account.