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In the late eighteenth century, Lady Anne lived at the Castle as the colony’s First Lady and end often entertained important dignitaries.

Lady Anne’s ghost is said to have appeared at parties held in honour of important visitors as well as at Dolphin Pool, where she bathed.

He was forced to live in exile in a lonely hut in the forests of Table Mountain and to this day the gloomy sounds of his flute can sometimes be heard on the slopes of Table Mountain.Simon van der Stel and his wife were among the earliest settlers in the Cape and Van der Stel was super attached to the land.So much so, it seems he still doesn’t want to let it go.An ornate building dating back to the late 1700s, Rust-en-Vreugd, is now an art museum where it is not uncommon to hear visitor accounts of ghost sightings.Some guests hear footsteps, some see a woman drifting between the downstairs rooms and others see a different woman staring down on them from an upstairs window.