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My grandfather had colo-rectal cancer and because he didn’t get screening, it wasn’t caught until he had stage 4 cancer. If he’d only agreed to have regular colonoscopies….

And…BY FAR the BIGGEST excuse I hear about having a colonoscopy is that people don’t want to go through the prep.

It may help you to not feel anxious about the procedure.

COLORECTAL CANCER MYTHOLOGY – Why you need to get screened.

YOU CAN TAKE YOUR CAMERA AND SHOVE IT WHERE THE SUN DOESN’T SHINE – What is a Colonoscopy: If you’re not sure EXACTLY what a colonoscopy is, I have detailed the experience here for your learning pleasure.

A colonoscopy is a medical screening procedure in which a camera on a long flexible tube is inserted into the anus and then routed through the rectum and large intestine.

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So, I decided to write this post to share with you the real FACTS about a colonoscopy. I’d pretty much RATHER do anything else but the truth is that it is the most important part and it can mean the difference between a successful colonoscopy screening and a bad experience.

When you’ve had four of them, you learn some tricks that make it even more painless than those uninitiated that stumble into the prep process blind. People that went through the prep and then because of one factor or another had to have the procedure aborted and rescheduled. I am providing section headers to allow you to easily skip ahead to the parts you have questions about if you do not wish to read this entire post.

However, if you are reading this in preparation for your very fist colonoscopy, I encourage you to read all of it.

There is no way to know how long it will take to work but once it does, you will be in the bathroom for a while.

The goal of the prep is to completely clean out your digestive system.