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Leo’s Finest Galaxies and Double Stars • Sunspots That Changed the World Is Radio Astronomy Doomed?

* * Top Binoculars for Stargazing April 1997 • .95 SS CAN & TELESCOPE Comet Hale-Bopp Where and How To See It m * I 04 Shigemi Numazawa s Vision of Hale-Bopp T b L E V U t RANGER & p R 0 N r Heads or Tails.

There are even more bizarre holes Ut the diit it If you direct your Ci SC capa- ble program to right Ascension l Th 2d' 1 , d cc I ; 11 a t ion 33 10 1 in H etc u I es { 2 1 K K ).( ) coordinates), you will find a l -long strip devoid of faint stars.

As the pic- ture below illustrates, there arc “holes 11 around many naked eye stars because (he fields on the Schmid l plate-, were overexposed.

P Would he Proud Preferred PUml m S&T mmparatiti tr- t red*, Fully rnulit-coated, fmlc/Ued \ajtfer drtifia. TELESCOPE & BINOCIILDR FILTERS ^or Riarsi uitra Biocr Narrowband Filters The Utira Block gave sopetiat tesults.' -AUnmomy To Order Call Toil Free (SOD) 447-1001 Information Line ( 406 ) 763-7030 TELEPHONE HOURS: M-F Gam-IOpm, SAT. Wf/J mlfl J5‘ AUTHORIZED MEADE APD MAIL-ORDER DEALER Meade LX20CTS on display 6 " LJC 200 52795 . * Meade Starfindei ■ Meade Series 3000 Dobsonians &. Dover, NH 03820 Phone- (800) 245-7963 - Fax (603) 742-5456 Why Buy From Us ?

’ 35mm Film lor Astro pit olography B’W Pr iris r^u, p^fl 2‘ S44S ia Kut M T Mi. r'.-'.- .69 |1 3* Cfllflt Mala K.i Kini:m430PO 3S*t|l B&sa ©SB 1 1 ;u F-I Sriib* C Hi. The Hipparcos harvest will surely be incorporated into future astronomical software, boosting ihv level of accuracy. A demonstration i* avail- able from various online sources. " — Oamf IV fiutfia Sky A' lfk Mvf Jt \ Stars and I lands colum- nist offers n history of the greatest comets ever wilnessed, includ- ing Halley and Hyakuffrke, and prepares us for vi lun may yet become the comet of our century, Hale-Bopp.

I midi u O UFA a r Owa l O «w M Kiwi No kmptr Ob haop to 1 jidbif wqb bony stir k ih: rqi Bmnre booh* to f rvd i Rlpup Kig • :.:-;r 5 tn yflw Thto. " 1 1 ,;i Ihiaug Ai arlolnc HMl hl Hriiunrit Cil -rouri inrii 1 ,, ■ M'SU S12 95 I ' !? Furthermore, the data will include proper motions for some stars accurate to 1 iircsccond per millennium. Making a Better Universe The popular shareware program Earth Centered Univent has been re- vamped for version 3.0 (USS50, t J to upgrade). WA GREAT BOOKS « GREAT COMETS Comet of the Century: From Hal Jey to Hale-Bopp iiv hirrf Schtuif "We ivri'i stiff (v cansittting (this buotij -\ ift-cmfe Jfrrrrn rjtfw.

^r«H tgr du-al*ir^ pupcrsnsr Ps^toff Swck jp lltlflpl 965'’ Sinuss Pfossl Efmiimi' IDimn mm; 12.5mm rv. Left: Even the itaimugh Hubble Guide Siar Catalog, with its IS mi I linn stars, is missing a few. Hale- Ro|»|i cotiiseuverer Alan f relates the story of the cornels discovery, explains heuv to find Hale-Bopp in the xkv r and forecasts, what we might see during the peak of its display. brut ion, held at an outdoor shopping mull in Si ml Valley, Cilifitmia. Astronomy Day 1996 A CC’ORDl NG TO Ciary Tomlinson. One reason (or Tomlinson s pride must be last year’s winner: the Ventura County Astronomical Society (VCAS) of Si mi Valley.

Aii i3 *Ti Iff Mi «i Tl* fiilv ceiled £tfi« ai* «l»j Prw ri AUc I an*d£ld i^inin«ff T« ^uut'i'ij-; flilt c h i r-ntp-p- *’►■! Stephan’s Quintet in Pegasus — and then overly s the catalog positions, they don’t match. H2 pujfrv SI' by Everybody's Comet; A Layman's Guide to Comet Hale-Bopp By A l an i title With a magical personal touch. S 12.95 plus shipping, Skv Publishing Corporation Box 9 IIS, lid mom, M A 02 I 715-91 1 1 . SA 2-l-huur fax: 6t7-8fr-i-bn 7 fun- r.'ie witv iluvi, .n rhji h -mail; r iy I? ing success, reaching thousands of people And Tomlinson should know he's I he Astronomical League's As- tronomy Day coordinator and a judge for I he Sky A Teivscapt Astronomy Day Award.