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What’s the difference between a diaper with tabs (brief) and a pull up? With the reusables, the purchase lasts a long time. See our Why Are Adult Cloth Diapers Better article for more info.Finally if you are having trouble after all that (or if you just need help) call our customer service department, which is knowledegable and happy to help, at 866-559-0353. You can email us, email our nurse on staff, call us at 866-559-0353, or leave a question at the form on any article page. A brief with tabs closes with tabs on the sides like a baby diaper with tabs does. Select if sometimes a brand you can try, as it is an economy brand with pretty good absorption, but if you have heavy or overnight incontinence, often you have to go with a Tranquility or Prevail product.This means that you can get a little more snug fit, and you can change them without taking your clothes off. You don’t know if the product will fit or work right at first. Once you know you have a product that will work, then buy a case to save money per diaper. We have a top-rating guide for this, The Best 10 Adult Diapers that discusses, based on research and personal interviews, what works best for people. There’s just no other way to get the absorbency that it takes to deal with these issues.This is a pull up, It absorbs 20.3-34 fluid ounces, depending on the size you purchase. What products do you have that will help me keep my dignity? There’s a whole section here that covers these sizes and products, and if you search through there, you will find there are products at any size you need for this. For more help doing this, see our article on the topic Incontinence On The Go. We have several choices of adult and youth swimwear that you can use for getting back in the pool with bowel incontinence.It has dual leg cuffs, tear-away sides, and all the great Tranquility features. It is not rated for bowel incontinence, but some people use it for that purpose on slight seepage. It is for moderate incontinence, which is usually around 4-10 fluid ounces of fluid per change. This is a diaper with tabs that is rated for both urinary and/or bowel incontinence. I got these adult diapers at the department store and I leak badly, what can I do? Most swimwear if solely for bowel incontinence, though the So Secure can sometimes protect against slight urination. Perhaps the best are that So Secure and also the Pool Pal reusable for adults or youth, which doesn’t look robust but is designed very carefully and robustly to work well in the pool. For women with light to moderate incontinence, you can try a panty-type product found here, full with lace and the look a woman would love.They can really save the bedding against accidents. Auto-reorders are for customers who need to purchase more than once that want convenience. A pull up is the most common adult diaper since they are most like normal underwear. You have to take your clothes off to change them, and they do not get quite as snug as a brief with tabs.

There are a lot of options for light to moderate incontinence. If you have the fuller incontinence, try using a pull up such as the Tranquility Premium Pull-Ons and look up kegel exercises on the internet or youtube to get your incontinence level down, there are answers, and you should not feel bad for your condition. I got these adult diapers at the department store and I leak badly, what can I do?

Finally, if you just can’t get it, call our customer service department and see if they can help at 866-559-0353. Finally, add reusable underpads and perhaps a cover-up. We deliver your product or products to your door at the intervals you choose. You can also email us or call us to sign up at 866-559-0353. We have a whole guide on this, How to Choose the Right Incontinence Product. All products on this site say what level of incontinence they are for, and you can navigate through the different products with different levels on this page.

Reusable underpads don’t bunch up as easily as disposable underpads and can be re-washed for reuse. Your price never goes up on the products delivered for one full year. To summarize, make sure it fits right (see our Sizing Guide), get the right level of incontinence, buy a quality product, and buy any peripheral products that you will need to go with it. What’s the difference between a diaper with tabs (brief) and a pull up?

I have a brace and cords, what product will work for me? Another thing to consider when deciding is that disposables sometimes can give you a better fit or give you more absorbency that reusables.

If you do the math, the reusables cost a lot less long term because of this.