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renewed interest in a rumor that a drawing of characters “Uncle Roger” and “Mommy” engaged in a sex act could be spotted on Boo’s bedroom wall: The drawing did not actually appear in the movie at all.The image was created by Corey Vaspasiano for a digital editing contest for the web site which had many people convinced that it was real."That will translate into a healthier body image and better sex."Of course, the most important project is connecting to your sexual, sensual self, which won't necessarily happen after a week of exercise or pottery or staring at your naked body.You're going to have to use your imagination; the hope is that, eventually, your sensual self will speak louder than your insecure self during sex, who is trying to tell you about your cellulite and sabotage your whole sexual experience.Black's strongest recommendation for any person feeling uncomfortable with her body?

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It's a commitment to call forth this lovely self and allow her to flourish." So go forth and find that sexy alter ego.

Black tells Bustle: Work your way from head to toe identifying the parts of your body for which you feel appreciative and grateful.

It may be parts you can see and can also include internal parts (i.e., I'm grateful that my heart is strongly pumping blood throughout my body; I appreciate that my lungs allow me to breathe fully). My experiences have shown me that it's rare that a woman won't find at least one thing she dislikes or even hates.

The show takes place in a near-future America clearly meant to evoke our own.

Women smoked weed, joked about Tinder, let pop music blare in their ears while they ran.