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When he delivered this one, Damon recalled in Boston magazine, "It was like a bolt, it was just one of those holy-shit moments where, like, that's it.""Heeeeere's Johnny!

Have you ever wondered if common health myths are actually true? Preeti Parikh as she debunks these myths and shares the medical facts in our new illustrated series "Did you Know?"Peter Sellers, who played three characters in Stanley Kubrick's Cold War satire, ad-libbed much of his dialogue.The lines were later "retroscripted"—added to the screenplay after they were spoken."Son of a bitch, he stole my line."According to co-star Matt Damon, who co-wrote the script, Robin Williams came out with a different line for each take of the final scene.Join nutrition expert Arielle Haspel as she guides you through her Clean Eating favorites Think you can’t cook as well as a pro? In this series, Chef Jason Fullilove reveals the restaurant secrets for making fresh, flavorful dishes that look as great as they taste.With these chef tips, you might develop a new love for the kitchen Trendy diets may come and go, but the Mediterranean diet is a long-time favorite among health experts.