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He then snaps at his monkey companion, who is “only concerned with fruit and touching himself”.

Dewey is eventually busted after purchasing drugs from an undercover cop, serves time in jail, and spends time in rehab before Darlene returns.

Dewey accepts that it is time to focus on spending time with his numerous children. Dewey talks to Darlene about what he has done since they last met.

After finally understanding what is most important to him, Dewey regains his sense of smell.

When Dewey stumbles upon a room of groupies smoking with drummer Sam, Sam introduces Dewey to marijuana.

Sam tells Dewey to leave because he “don’t want no part of this shit” (a running gag throughout the film) but Dewey eventually tries it and continues to do so every time he finds Sam with a new drug.

While working at an all-African American nightclub, Dewey gets a break when he replaces singer Bobby Shad at the last minute, much to the delight of the Hasidic Jewish record executives attending the show.

The band does not appreciate his insane style of music and his continuous abuse of the others in the group.

As a result, the band breaks up; Darlene is also unable to deal with Dewey’s insanity and drug problems and leaves him.

His attitude and drug problems cause him to become unfaithful to Edith.

Dewey’s father then returns to inform Dewey that Dewey’s mother has died.