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One approach to quantify the disease burden of influenza is to estimate the incidence rate of hospitalizations of patients with severe acute respiratory illnesses and laboratory-confirmed influenza virus infections, and the incidence of severe outcomes in those patients, along with population denominators.However, this can underestimate the full burden of influenza because not all patients with severe outcomes after influenza virus infections present for medical attention or are tested for influenza virus, and because even among those that are tested some influenza virus infections will not be laboratory confirmed, particularly if there is a delay between infection and the exacerbation of an underlying condition.Individual data on deaths were obtained from the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong.Each record included age, sex, date of death, and cause.The suspect, a 27-year-old construction worker, was arrested and investigations are continuing, Apple Daily reports.Bayr Andrea, 25, who is half-Austrian and a mother of three, had gone to see the suspect, surnamed Husnain, on a construction site in Tuen Mun at 2 a.m.Substantial disease burden associated with influenza viruses were estimated in Hong Kong particularly among children and elderly in 1998–2013.Infections with influenza A(H1N1) was suggested to be more serious than A(H3N2) in older adults..

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Apart from deaths caused by primary viral pneumonia, influenza virus infections can also lead to secondary bacterial infections.

Amnesty International Hong Kong said there are Hongkongers currently held on death row in Indonesia.

It said at least one family member of the inmates had approached the human rights watchdog for assistance.

In this ecological approach, a time series of hospitalization or mortality rates is regressed against a variable indicating influenza virus activity over time in the same population.

This statistical model can then be used to infer the proportion of hospitalizations or deaths associated with influenza.