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Her co-stars (second from the left to right): Ashley Benson, Rachel Korine and fellow ex-Disney star Vanessa Hudgens.

A very small number of these scenarios, particularly in more recent times or exotic settings, the conflict may be resolved by the triangle becoming a One True Threesome or a Marry Them All ending. See also Betty and Veronica Switch, where the presumed Betty and Veronica somehow switch roles.

"Archie," "Betty," and "Veronica" can be any gender or orientation, though The Gentleman or the Scoundrel is a possible Spear Counterpart specific to the situation of a female Archie and two male suitors.

Another variant is Rich Suitor, Poor Suitor, with a rich but douchey "Veronica" and a poor but kindhearted "Betty", or a rich and kind but boring "Betty" and a spirited blue-collar "Veronica." Apparently you can only have money the girl, fellas.

One of the most common types of Love Triangle, named after characters from Archie Comics, wherein the main character ("Archie") is caught between two love interests with drastically different personalities.

"Betty" is the sweet, reliable, everyday Girl Next Door type (which could mean "kind of dull"), while "Veronica" is more alluring, exotic, and edgy, but has more of a mischievous or icy personality (which could mean "kind of a bitch").