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According to she is also signed with Ego Sao Paolo (mother agency, which makes her Brazilian), with Viva Paris and with Modelwerk Hamburg.The poetry in Everyone I Love is a Stranger to Someone by Annelyse Gelman is witty, comfortable, and contemporary. 2” trace through hypothetical situations, the first beginning, “What if eyes were like teeth / so that around puberty your baby eyes would loosen and fall out” and continues wondering about the change. 2” is an equally enjoyable read, only fifteen syllables long.She is incredibly loyal to Kenna, often helping her up when she puts herself down, more so if the player chooses to romance Annelyse.She enjoys the luxuries in life and can be seen as materialistic, as she is used to living in Aurelia.The two play a game of Two Truths and a Lie in which they share their first kiss.In Book 2, Chapter 3, Annelyse aids Kenna's wounds when she is burned by Dominic.Annelyse has an air of innocence about her and doesn't understand how people, like Zenobia, could be sadistic enough to enjoy watching people battle for fun to the death, and is unnerved during the gladiator fight.

Annelyse is shown to be quite humble, as she downplays her actions, saying she "did what seemed right." Annelyse is very protective of her people.

In the final chapter of Book 2, it is revealed Annelyse is somewhat self-conscious about her lack of fighting ability, calling herself weak.

Kenna can offer to teach Annelyse to fight or to praise her as a healer. In the final chapter of Book 2, it is shown that Annelyse is unused to praise when it doesn't involve her looks.

Annelyse usually picks Kenna up when she's feeling down as seen in the final chapter of Book 2, where Kenna questions whether or not she is strong enough to face her people after losing Dominic, Annelyse assures her that she is the strongest person she knows and that she has faith in her.

In the same chapter Kenna cheers Annelyse up during the party when she questions her own strength.