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She is okay now but grazed her elbow during the fall and was pretty shaken up by the ordeal.Multichannel News at has a story on WWE reducing PPV events from 14 to 13 in 2010 and increasing the price by .Small problem, however: Giant Baba was advertised have an AWA title defense on that tour.Hansen went to Japan with the belt and "defended" it, only dropping after he won the NWA International Championship (which was an All Japan belt, a championship that would become a part of All Japan's Triple Crown Championship in 1989) from Jumbo Tsuruta.31 years ago today in Denver, Colorado, Nick Bockwinkel defeated Stan Hansen by forfeit to win the AWA World Heavyweight Championship.In reality, Stan Hansen walked out on AWA and took their championship belt with him.

We're looking for brief reader reports from the remaining WWE shows this weekend in Dusseldorf, Germany; and Minehead, Liverpool and Nottingham, England to [email protected]***Lilian Garcia was assaulted yesterday on the streets of New York City during a Yankees ticker tape parade.The WWE website interviewed Rey Mysterio about his new autobiography at The canceled events are: Erie, PA; Youngstown, OH; Altoona, PA: Bowling Green, OH; and Charleston, WV. guitarist Marcos Curiel and produced by Brandon Friesen (Nickelback, Steriogram, Default). Zivile Raudoniene made her FCW debut this past week as Askana. Kip James.***Impact on Thursday night did a 1.1 rating, just under the YTD average.There are likely some disappointed fans in Altoona and Bowling Green as both of those events were originally booked for late 2009, then moved to January and now canceled. The song is also featured on an upcoming episode of MTV's The City. Kyle Rasmussen is working under the name of Conrad Tanner, Dos Caras Jr. Not good considering all the Hogan hype from last week.TNA run in Jackson, TN on Sunday at the Oman Arena. OTHER WRESTLING NEWSBryan Alverez reported that Adam Dykes passed away on Thursday night. He worked on the Northwest indy scene for around a decade mostly under the name of Adam Firestorm.There is also a special charity event in Nashville on Monday at the Wildhorse Saloon to benefit The Boys and Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee. I didn't know him personally but exchanged several emails with him over the years and he always came across as a nice guy.