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I swear to god, to this day, I've never seen two girls that could eat pizza faster at 3 a.m. I was just like, 'I need to join the Illuminati, it's my only chance.' There was a lot of dark energy, and I was looking for any way to counteract it. If I did any of that in an indie film, people would think I'm the new Jennifer Lawrence."He's living the dream right now. Every morning, I make two 32 gram shots of Zip Zinger espresso.

I'm talking whole larges to the dome."He got into crystal balls after Heidi's plastic surgery. You just start getting medieval on sh*t."He's a lot like J. "We wanted to have a show that people watched, so we did all this stuff that made us look like the worst humans on Earth. I used to have a breakfast burrito every day, but now I have an apple with almond butter, because I want to be model skinny.

When the cameras were off, I was a complete gentleman — opening doors and going to the movies and cuddling. Then I usually do jujitsu for about an hour and a half, then I eat salmon. "It was just like, 'No, you're not hanging out with Spencer now because I don't have Brody, let's get back to the club' …

Then I go home, ice my old man knees, watch Apple TV, and tweet, because I don't have any actual friends to talk to. It [was] a hard balance and they just didn't show any of this.

And it is our pleasure to tell you that the story of how Heidi broke the news to Spencer is peak Speidi.

Spencer said one morning when he woke up Heidi had a "look on her face." "She was literally glowing," the father-to-be revealed to the magazine.

"So, I mean, we don't go buy designer clothes anymore, and buy fancy cars, and go to all the fancy restaurants. So, to be, like, right now, unplugging Kim Kardashian, what would happen? That was kind of what we needed to do."Pratt recalls relying on his infamous crystals collection when he found out that was in danger of being canceled."That was when I went full crystal looney tunes because I was just doing Hail Marys because they were like, 'There's a chance, if the ratings go up ...'" he explains."I try not to have that type of energy."The same goes for Montag, who says she's spoken to Conrad "a few times" since the show ended."I love Lauren.She really was my best friend for a long time and I wish that it never had to happen like this," she admits.’" Way more exciting indeed."Heidi has wanted to be a mom since the day I met her,” Pratt shared, as if we don't remember MTV making that a plot point.But the former Bolthouse employee said she's glad the couple put off having children.