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Shop around to find the rigging equipment you need.Our offerings include the following: Let Advantage Rigging be your one-stop shop for the rigging supply you need!Every diaper company has at least 3-4 different “brands” under the main brand, and they all come in at least 6 different size packages.Do you want Huggies Snug & Dry, or Little Movers, or Snugglers??With diapers we need to take a per diaper price and stick to it across all package sizes. Broken down by size this is what we generally see: Newborn: 13¢ – 16¢ Size 1: 11¢ – 14¢ Size 2: 14¢ – 16¢ Size 3: 16¢ – 19¢ Size 4: 19¢ – 22¢ Size 5: 22¢ – 26¢ Size 6: 26¢ – 30¢ If you head to Amazon right now and try to buy the biggest box they sell of size 1 diapers, even with the 20% discount from Amazon Mom and Subscribe and Save (plus right now an extra coupon to clip) you still end up at the high range on cost per diaper. That’s the smallest size package, but compared out by diaper price that may even beat the price per diaper above!One other tip, you will save more when you give up brand loyalties. I'm polyamorous and have had long term relationships with women and men. IWant Alace-Amory Fetlife Username: Alace Amory.

With diapers, I need you to throw the box size out the window. Your grandmother taught you that the bigger the box means the better the deal. In other words newborn diapers cost less per diaper than a size 5. When we wait for these sales we can get jumbo pack diapers for as low as - per pack for name brand diapers.

How about if we just cover everything diaper related and try to answer all the questions in one place?! Today we will cover everything disposable and tomorrow a general overview on everything cloth.

The most difficult part of buying disposable diapers is knowing what package to buy and what is really a deal.

To help you make the best decision, working load limits and other technical specifications for the rigging products we have are provided on the product page.

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