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In combination with the red ox head, the arrangement of an “ox” and a “ford” punningly alludes to the name of the county town of “Oxford”, while the golden wheat sheaf, top right and golden tree, bottom left, represent the agriculture and woods of the wider county which developed around it.

Thus the design is a graphic expression of the name “Ox-ford-shire” The arms are no longer used by any armiger (arms holder) and are thus comparable to use of the arms in banner form, of the former Middlesex, Cheshire, Westmorland and Cumberland councils, as the flags of those respective counties.

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Registration was only secured several months after this initial request and the flag did not appear on the registry until October 9th.

A flag bearing a red ox head set against two white wavy stripes, running from the top left to the bottom right corner, all placed against a blue background, with a golden oak tree and wheat sheaf in respective bottom left and top right corners, had been popularly and widely flown across the county Originating as the armorial banner of the shield from the coat of arms awarded to Oxfordshire County Council in 1949, the design includes the blue of Oxford University while the white wavy stripes represent the River Thames flowing through the county.