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As with all the other information you gather, you can verify lots of different ways, and no single technique works for everything.

Some of the tips I provide here will be specific to Twitter or to social media generally.

Developers are required to disclose what they plan to do with Facebook data, and the company reviews apps to make sure they comply.

Facebook says it also conducts broad audits in some cases to ensure developers don’t misuse data.

If the person has just been on Twitter briefly (you can see when someone created an account at When Did You Join Twitter?

), that should be a red flag (not meaning for sure that the tweet is inaccurate or bogus, but meaning you need to learn more about the person).

You’ll know whether the account is that person’s actual account or a spoof account mocking the person.

If you regularly follow people who tweet about the community or topic you cover, you will know those sources better and use their tweets more accurately and easily in your reporting, just as you’ll have better personal rapport — and get more accurate and useful information — with sources you interact with regularly. If you’re assessing the accuracy of a tweet by someone you don’t know, go to that person’s profile (click the name or username) and see what else you can learn about the person.

Additionally platform differences (i.e., microblogging versus profile-based) may explain the importance of active usage on Twitter relative to Facebook.As with all reporting, resourcefulness is essential.Develop some verification techniques of your own (and please remember to share them in the comments here). The more you use Twitter, the better you will understand it and the more you will use it responsibly and effectively.My #twutorial series hasn’t been updated since late October, but I always planned to do a post on verifying information gathered in social media.Given the errors some journalists made in reporting on the Sandy Hook massacre and in the original reporting on Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend, this feels like a good time to stress accuracy and verification.