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CAMS Online offers a host of services to manage your mutual funds and other investments.You can now consolidate all your holdings in all Funds serviced by CAMS in one single report - and have it sent to you via e-mail. The CAMS Consolidated Active Statement consolidates all your financial information - across CAMS serviced Funds - and allows you to interact. Get a single Consolidated Account Statement across your entire holdings in CAMS, Karvy, FTAMIL and SBFS serviced Mutual Funds and e Policies in CAMSRep - right inside your mailbox.

We have discontinued supporting Internet Explorer 9 and older as Microsoft doesn’t even support 8 anymore and 9 is several years old.We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox if possible.Both of these browsers support live streaming without the need for Flash.For your investments security reasons my CAMS insists for log out after usage and if improper logout, the next login is not possible for 15 minutes.Reasonable safety measures have been taken to protect the interest of all our investors.