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Fans shared more ads with him, showing the actor on signs for computer repair in the Ukraine. One Twitter used even cracked a joke saying that Zach wasn't alone in IT, as he found a foreign ad with actor Ben Barnes promising computer repair.Another ad shows Bill Gates and also offers computer repair — a personal service that the Microsoft founder probably does not offer.*** Since the wedding on May 15th, the couple took their honeymoon to NYC where they arrived at their uptown hotel on Sunday afternoon, May 16th.It sounds like she could be quite the asset to the terrifying Lucifer, so we'll just have to wait and see if he decides to make use out of her for his own gains, or kill her off.

Angelina Jolie appears on a billboard for a sauna, and an ad in Paraguay uses Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to promote a university. His talent, good looks, and sarcastic/witty personality makes him impossible not to like.Although he has become such a big star, he leads a very private, personal life which means there is lots his fans still do not know about him.Zac Efron also apparently repairs computers in Ukraine.Ben Barnes, known for his roles in The Chronicles of Narnia and HBO's Westworld, popped up on yet another ad.