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"I didn't realize that it was five years exactly, that's trippy," Kristen said."Every part that I've ever played has shaped me in such a significant way.I know from an outsider's perspective you might have something to say about that like in general, but I kind of view it as every other thing that I've invested in and really loved. I never really look back at my life and go, 'What did that mean?' I got a lot from it and it's made me who I am." So there we have it: she appreciates her time as Bella and the role really does have importance in her life, like all of her roles do.

And there was even a recent a mini Vampire sisters forever.

The couple first started dating before they tied the knot in April 2015.

The actors have since expanded their clan to include a horse named Eagle, a kitten and most recently Nikki gave birth to a baby girl named Bodhi Soleil Reid Somerhalder.

So what does she really think about her major role she's had in the series?

Well, Kristen caught up with hit theaters, and she admitted she feels nothing but lucky she got to be Bella Swan.

Robert pattinson dating nikki reed