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On Fortress Maximus's orders, Getaway, his crewmates, and Goldbug left the battle and took the ship back to Nebulos, on a mission to revive the fallen Optimus Prime.

They made contact with a friend of the old Nebulan Headmaster leader Galen named Hi-Q, but found that Nebulans had developed an acceptable level of robo-phobia after the Transformers nearly decimated their civilization last time.

Getaway and the others fought valiantly against the Deathbringer, but their efforts proved futile against the seemingly invulnerable foe.

Using a plan hatched by Nightbeat, Optimus used the Deathbringer's own programming against it, and caused it to self-destruct, removing Getaway and the others from danger.

Not even his closest friends are spared from his machinations.This ultimately led to the Autobots' triumph; as soon as the Dreadwing's cockpit was breached, putting the Decepticon Nebulans inside at risk of drowning, the Seacons abandonned the offensive to rescue them.The Autobots resurfaced with both their hides and the power cell intact...Due to the carnival's steep admission fee, none of the others wound up partaking in Sky Lynx's rescue. Itching for action while Prime gathered his thoughts, Getaway led the Powermasters to investigate suspected Decepticon activity in the town of Border Flats.Instead they discovered the Autobot Advance Surveillance Unit had made a mess of the town while trying to join in on the festivities.