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She might be a legitimate user who contacts hundreds of men to find an easy prospect. But if you want to communicate with members, you will need to upgrade to either the Gold or Platinum paid memberships. For per month, you must purchase 12 months of their Gold Membership for the total cost of 9.98, one payment.

For per month, you purchase one month of their Platinum Membership.

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We especially liked the side-by-side comparison charts, showing whether the man and woman match up in basic criteria: Again, this illustrates this site's emphasis on basic, raw data.Keep in mind that English is a second language for a large number of women on Asian, so depending on the brilliance of a 600 word profile would be unfair to them.Add in the fact that many of them have minimal education (but not all).If you're on Asian, you might be a guy with Yellow Fever. You're looking for a maybe young, maybe hot, but most definitely Asian, woman. This site is not about dating the Asian woman down the street; it's about overseas marriage and relocation. You are middle-aged, well-off in life, and you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, or Europe.