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He was covered in tattoos and looked very put together.It felt really natural, like we had been seeing each other for longer than um, less than one date.6 Great singles well-loved, of Older, Sites Around.

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I can't say I wasn't skeptical -- by then I'd had my fair share of disappointing dates -- but his pictures were fine, meaning there was a close-up of his face, there were no group shots of guys holding Bud Lights, and there was a lack of laughable snaps where he donned sunglasses while standing in front of a national landmark grinning like some kind of mythic conqueror.

(My friend Jeremy almost started a Tumblr that would solely contain Internet-dating photos of people at Machu Picchu, because this trend is actually getting quite comical and out of hand.) Anyway, my date, Josh, looked good, and after chatting with him via text, he seemed intelligent to boot.

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