6 list the configuration options available for updating the os

As always, you should be careful when running programs on untrusted input; for maximum safety, use a new subdirectory.

This need for care is especially urgent on Windows, since in general Windows finds programs in the current directory before anything else, regardless of the search path. We have closed many holes, but undoubtedly some remain, especially with third-party programs.

The same installer program is run, whatever the source.

The most visible difference between the two is that with the net installer, what you end up with is the packages that are currently available.

If you are using the unpacked downloaded zip file, or the DVD installer failed to start automatically, double-click Figure 2 displays the main text mode screen under Unix. This is only a command-line installer; there is no cursor support at all.

For instance, you cannot tab around checkboxes or input fields.

t, Metafont, Meta Post, Bib Te X and many other programs; an extensive collection of macros, fonts and documentation; and support for typesetting in many different scripts from around the world.

For a brief summary of the major changes in this edition of Live contains binaries for many Unix-based platforms, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X, and Cygwin.

Ordinarily they should not be present, and definitely should not normally be created by merely processing a document.

It is also intended to be a functional superset of Aleph (see below), though technical compatibility is not intended.

The incorporated Lua interpreter (is based on Unicode (16-bit characters), thus supports working with almost all the world’s scripts simultaneously.

See section 2.1 for alternate solutions for Windows and Mac OS X.

You can install Live may not reach the same level, despite everyone’s best efforts.