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That means now eight total women have come forward publicly to accuse Piven of sexual misconduct.

Piven's lawyers have vehemently denied the claims outlined in this new article — just as they did in November — calling them "works of fiction," and adding that the stories He's already been accused of sexual assault and misconduct by several other women in the entertainment industry, but on the Thanksgiving holiday last night, a new report came out from yet another woman accusing actor Jeremy Piven of groping her, too.

Two of the women are identified in the Buzz Feed story.

The third, described as an executive with an international organization, asked that her name be withheld, the website said.

The woman — Anastasia Taneie — was a background actor on the set of in April, 2009, when Piven allegedly pulled her into a dark hallway and forcefully pushed her up against a wall, grabbing her breasts and genitals against Taneie's will.

Piven then allegedly told an assistant director that the background actor had come on to , and ordered her to be removed from the set.

Related: Brigitte Nielsen Slams Sexual Assault Allegations Against Sylvester Stallone Now 30 years old, Taneie has recounted all of this in explicit detail to , the actor sat down for the lie detector test on November 13 administered by the American Polygraph Association with Chapman Investigations.

Related: Brigitte Nielsen Slams Sexual Assault Allegations Against Sylvester Stallone When asked questions including the following, Jeremy responded "no" to all: Deny, deny, deny…

Cassidy Freeman — known for her roles on Holy shit...A lawyer representing Piven didn’t immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.One woman told Buzz Feed that Piven followed her into a set trailer, held her down and attempted to grope her. Another said she met Piven in 1996 when he was appearing on the Ellen De Generes sitcom Ellen and she was an extra.Jeremy Piven, who has strongly denied allegations of sexual misconduct from at least three women, is facing further accusations that date back decades, an online news site reported Saturday.Three additional women claim Piven acted in a physically aggressive or threatening manner, Buzz Feed News reported in a story that included the actor’s rejection of the allegations as “false.”The women said they were speaking out because of frustration over Piven’s previous denials.