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They can even take the wok on a spin and make one on their own.My friends get a kick out of that, yours might too.By the time you’re done flavoring the pot should be simmering happily.

The piece might look a little intimidating, but I think it will in fact be easier than any recipe. There are so many silly Pad Thai recipes around, a quick google reveals one with ketchup as an ingredient. Not even the fabulous June Taylor’s artisanal ketchup can rescue that one!

And, I promise you, if you read through the entire thing, you’ll never have to look at another Pad Thai recipe. A few other recipes I came across would have us make four or more portions of Pad Thai at once –which, I can guarantee you will result in clumps of oily, sticky noodle unfit for human consumption.

The textures and flavors of a proper Pad Thai derive largely from the way the dish is cooked, that is to say its quick footloose dance in an ultra hot wok.

There are four ingredients in the Pad Thai sauce, Tamarind pulp (for the sour flavor), Fish Sauce (for the salty part), Palm Sugar (for a slight sweetness), and Paprika or Thai chilli powder (for the spice).

Two cups of sauce will make about 6-8 portions of Pad Thai.