Updating a 1930 s house

The sliding door has an inset mirror that reflects even more light into the room: I was happy to see they kept the original feeling of the house with the updates. You can read more on his website about the kitchen remodel and the master bath project.

BTW, he showed us how they finished this old Victorian farmhouse attic last year, which was another great project (you can see how it turned out here): If you have a project you’d like to share, feel free to shoot me an email.

He says, “We created a new opening under the existing stairs and balcony and moved a section of the peninsula into it, so that the chairs at the peninsula would be in both rooms at the same time.”This photo gives you an idea of what it looked like before: Here’s how that side of the room looks now:“Other than that big move, the rest of the kitchen remodel was redoing the layout, installing new cabinets, applicances, etc., and working around the existing stairs to the basement and kitchen door.”Phase two of the cottage remodel was the second floor master bath, which is now behind this sliding door: This photo gives you an idea of what the room looked like before:“As cute and cozy as the existing master bedroom and bath suite was, it was just a bit too tight for the owners. And it only had one sink, no countertop space, no mirror, and no towel bars.

Expanding and updating the bath started with doubling the size of the existing dormer and adding more windows.”Love the new windows.

My favourite part of the house is the kitchen diner — I love having a sociable space where we can be cooking and talking to guests at the same time.Name: Helen Location: Bristol, United Kingdom As soon as my husband and I stepped into this house, we knew it was the one for us.Not even the dodgy electrics, lack of central heating and pre-1970s decor could put us off — some hard work was a fair pay off for the welcome that we felt from the house, plus its stunning view.The kitchen and master bath needed work, and that’s where he came in.They updated the kitchen first, which had been closed off from the living room before.