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Since the baby rumors started, Kylie and Travis have not been seen together as much as they used to be.

While Travis has been seen in publicly, Kylie is never with him.

To make matters even more curious, Kylie has stayed mostly out of the spotlight since the pregnancy rumors began.

Travis has remained active on his own social media accounts.

Back in December 2017, an anonymous source came clean to claiming Travis often goes partying leaving the allegedly pregnant Kylie home alone.Kylie's low profile and the couple's long separation period has fueled break-up rumors.Kylie did not make an appearance in her family's annual Christmas photos, but she did attend their Christmas party with Travis and the pair took pictures in the photo booth together.Of course, their relationship really started a media takeover when rumors started swirling around that Kylie was pregnant.And the rumors are still going strong as the normally social media-obsessed Kylie has been notably absent from her accounts and has basically disappeared from daily life altogether, which in turn has caused people to wonder whether her boyfriend could possibly be involved by forcing her to hide the pregnancy.