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Turns out the phenomenon has been going on for quite some time.

As same-sex marriages have become legal and relationships less taboo, she says, more women may feel comfortable taking this step who may not have been years ago.

“If they discover, heading toward midlife, that they have shifted their love interest and are falling in love with a woman, they should know that it’s not unusual.” RELATED: 8 Ways Sex Affects Your Brain She wants to speak directly to primary-care doctors and ob-gyns, as well.

“Don’t be so presumptive that the woman you’ve been caring for for 20 years is automatically always going to have the same partner or the same gender of partner,” she says.

“Aside from orientation, there’s also the concept of sexual fluidity—that women can, at one point, be completely in love with a man and then at another point be completely in love with a women,” Kingsberg tells Health.

“And that can change once or that can change several times throughout her life.” The conference focused specifically on women who make these transitions at midlife or later.