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"You’re going to see companies behave like does, where it’s like, tell us what you’re looking for, and we’re going to use those criteria to find that person," she said.

As Jon Lazar found out, though, apps can only take a candidate so far.

The app has drawn comparisons to the online dating platform Tinder.

(Courtesy Yarden Tadmor) In the age of Tinder matchmaking, it seems there's a new role for Cupid as an employment headhunter.

"If you go on a site where companies post their jobs publicly and apply for all of them, that results in piles of resumés. "Using dating mechanics allows us to reduce the noise." Whitetruffle also employs a swiping system for approval and rejection to try to establish "the most relevant" matches.

Being lumped in with Tinder doesn’t sit so well with Deve, however.

We designed Bumble to be a platform that encourages positive, impactful interactions in love, friendship, and now business," the company said in an online statement Monday. K., France and Germany, and will use the same swiping left and right technique as the dating app.

Switch users flick left if uninterested; they flick right to flag potential work pairings.

"Today's generation is used to connecting with people, not ads," Switch founder Yarden Tadmor said.

Then you may or may not see them again for the next project.

Often times, these people would use freelancing as their side hustle, working for several agencies or companies at their discretion.