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“As a child, I spent hours in the glossy cardstock pages of paper-doll books … has the same glossy pages and thick, crinkle-proof paper … ) about the awesome women who have made a positive mark in our world, there's a new collection of paper dolls that celebrate badass women in history … These artsy paper dolls are totally not limited to children only, so if you want to celebrate Women's History Month by picking up your own copy …

paper-doll rendering is an emotional reminder of November 9 … Feet firmly planted and hands gently clasped, she owns her paper-doll pedestal just as she owned every stage from which she pursued the presidency — including the one from which she gave her concession speech.” (MTV News)"If you're wondering how to teach your daughters (and sons!

Dashcam video has been released reportedly showing a black woman being sexually assaulted by police officers in Texas.

23-year-old Charneshia Corley claims a female officer put her fingers into the suspect’s vagina during a body search that lasted for around 11 minutes.

When she protested, Ms Corley says she was violently thrown to the ground and pinned down with her legs spread apart.

And really, what better way to teach kids about women’s history, than to put it in their own hands and let them bring it to life? If you're looking for a book that represents woman that have made a positive mark in history then Paper Dolls Awesome Woman Who Changed History is the book to get!

Eclectic but well considered, her work is built on an interest in people, nature, typography, architecture, and pattern.

She has has exhibited at Exposicion Publicidad in Mexico and was included in the Vox Pop exhibition at the Coningsby Gallery in London.

Previously, live webcams transmitted static shots from cameras aimed through windows or at coffee pots.

Ringley's innovation was simply to allow others to view her daily activities. She did not wish to filter the events that were shown on her camera, so sometimes she was shown nude or engaging in sexual behavior, including sexual intercourse and masturbation.