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Or, to quote Justin Timberlake’s “Future Sex”: “Your enemy are your thoughts, baby / So just let ’em go.” For that reason, books on sex and dating have always been conceptual oddities, with their hundreds of pages of thinking about how best not to.Must the critical intellect always be at odds with the libido?different when it comes to love, dating and sex, so be it.We might freak you out, we might entice the pants off you, but you can be damn sure we'll be goofy about it. Amid the ceaseless slew of sex and dating books, it’s probably more efficient to describe what Future Sex is pointedly not.It’s not an advice book (The Ethical Slut, Guide to Getting It On, He’s Just Not That Into You), nor is it pop-sci (Sex at Dawn, Modern Romance, Bonk), though Witt makes it clear she’s done her due diligence in reading most of these.The porn studio Kink buys fake eyelashes “several hundred at a time,” she finds, and the sex-party host insures her stripper pole. Her critique of intimacy remains intimate, however, owning its own biases while rejecting the dishy humble-brag, the brave over-share, and over-generalized neuroscience.The honest depictions of her sexual experience make few concessions to dramatic tension, or even to sex.

The subjects are spelled out in very non-misleading chapter titles, such as “Internet Dating,” “Orgasmic Meditation,” “Internet Porn,” and “Live Webcams.” San Francisco provides the ideal venue; to paraphrase William Gibson, the future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed, and the Bay Area has always received the greater share.interested in a person, which has led to some problems), and I have less game than a toddler. It makes us more creative and unique, especially when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex (or same sex; whatever floats your boat). We are strange as hell, but in a lot of way, that rocks.But this outlook is a useful prophylactic against the boosterism that surrounds her, as she goes in search of “a model of sexuality better suited to the present, to its freedoms, to its honesty.” Her admirable commitment to firsthand reporting has her undertaking movie-set tours of panda-costumed gangbangs, experimenting with webcam hookups and online dating, and doing whip-its at a Google employee’s sex party.Playing the role of tourist or amateur, she picks up unusual details from the sidelines.