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A project run by the county provides continuity both within the administrative unit and in the population.

It becomes a ’living’ project that allows for longtime contribution to our research by involving schoolchildren, and by spreading the knowledge from this to the greater public through local exhibitions and the media.

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Done well, they can generate mutual benefits for archaeologists and the wider community, promoting the sharing of knowledge and skills, while increasing archaeology’s relevance and impact in society.The next stage is to use new technologies, (such as mobile phone apps) and ask members of local communities to visit priority sites to assess condition and assign local value.Public value is important when attempting to prioritise action at threatened sites which have already been assessed on archaeological merit.With the rise of university tuition fees in 2012, some university departments are concerned about how this will affect their intake.University departments and archaeology firms have started introducing outreach officers in an attempt to reach local people, and it is becoming increasingly important to have outreach experience on your CV when looking for a job.