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“My art is an intuitive, personal journey based on my life experiences.My insatiable desire to meet the world’s people, visit their countries, embrace their cultures, art, antiquities, spirituality, and beliefs, have fueled my passion to share these adventures through my art.All pretense is dropped and we’re left with only what is staring back at us.It isn’t always what we want to see and it isn’t always what the world wants to see but gosh darn it if it isn’t beautiful anyway.

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Hardwick’s art work and paintings are built symbolically by her life, travels, and the pure joy of living these experiences.There is a segment of the world that might scoff at the wanton abandon for fun at play in Vin Diesel’s spy franchise.“I can’t take it seriously” or “It’s dumb”, some may say.I am humbled knowing that what comes from my heart and soul has caused people to collect my pieces.I am living my dream and it is overwhelming and wonderful.” – Lynne Lynne Hardwick’s art is an intuitive, personal journey based on her life experiences.