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You spend a lot of time laughing together A shared sense of humour is an important part of the chemistry and you seem to spend a lot of the time laughing together.Even things that aren’t really funny can take on a new meaning when you have bonded and perhaps there are now some private jokes that you now share.9.

You want to know everything that there is to know about each other and there is just no need for any secrets anymore.5.When that chemistry occurs though, you don’t always get an obvious signal that you’ve found the one, it can kind of creep up on you.If you’re not sure whether you and your partner have reached that chemistry stage yet, then read these ten signs and see how close you are:1.The physical attraction is important, but now, it is certainly not everything.7.You start to notice the small details about him When there is a real chemistry between people they actually begin to imprint on the minds of one another.