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I use a progressive curriculum starting from the basics and going to the advanced.After 3-6 months of study with me, guitarists will be able to compose their own songs and will have learned basic soloing methods.I teach my students how to prepare themselves for any kind of musical situation, from music theory and technique, to piano playing and repertoire, and understanding and playing all kinds of styles and genres of music.Most of all, I teach my students to be unique in their musical endeavors and to bring out their own voice through music.If you're looking for a terrific teacher, look no further. Bass/Guitar instructor w/ 15 years of teaching experience and previous member of a national touring band.Students who study with me will learn the basics behind playing music and how to set and accomplish personal goals in addition to learning how to play in a band while putting their musical knowledge to use.*** Lesson Details ***I'm a fairly laid back instructor, however I am meticulous about the student getting the exercise correct and assimilating the info.Specialize in the Rock/Funk Genre Students should expect a relaxing learning environment that is cultivated to bring the fundamentals of guitar playing to the student and promote individuality in the player through a meditation of self-awareness while using the vehicle of Guitar.

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It was during this time that I deeply focused on not only Jazz music and improvisation, but also Salsa, Latin Jazz, R&B, Funk, Pop. I learned what it means to be in a band and how to make an ensemble sound good and to make an audience like and cheer for the music.

Then in middle school, I joined the symphonic band where I was exposed and learned to play instruments in the percussion section, including drums, xylophone and marimba, and other instruments.

At the same time, I joined the middle school jazz band.

This was my first transition both as a piano player and musician into a new genre of music and playing. In 2005, I auditioned and was the only pianist accepted into the classical piano department in the School of the Arts High School of San Francisco.

There I went through rigorous classical training and learned vast amounts of repertoire.