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Meaning : “The peace and mercy of God, should be on you”. Severe auto accident with interesting experience shortly after.She very maturely told me 'You know why I'm here' I realised she was speaking to me through her eyes, telepathically.

Here in the rock I experience and then 'imperience' (co-resonated in and with) the various multi-harmonic etheric frequencies (including those first, second and third level harmonics) of living … After that I can see everybody's aura, including myself. They were super fast images of events that had occurred in my life, events throughout history, mathematical calculations and endless reams of information in what seemed a massive download.

It was perceived as a radiating Light, except I was the light and was observing it simultaneously.

This Light was My being, and moved in ripples like water. I saw my father helping my mother, and the voice said: «Feel how they love you!

There were beings all around the cover, smiling and nodding to me. I continued to fly across a kind of vast, peaceful lake, of which was emanating a calm that was beyond comprehension to me. ” I was extremely happy and jubilantly wanted to fly into the light, when I heard a clear and loud 'Stop'. Similar to tiny stars, but so innumerable, that they made up the very essence of the space surrounding me. I was like in a tunnel where everything was luminous, thousands of billions of luminous particles.... I felt the need to ask who had sent this light to me.

They looked like gorgeous young people with white shirts and jeans on but they were beings of light, I knew that. Being of a anxious nature, I didn't feel any fear at that moment. Then at the horizon a small light appeared and I was thinking, this could be a sun, but the light grew, and then it was clear to me: “Ah! My answer came when a picture of a holy man with a beard was flashed on the wall Meditation experience with OBE.