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Tobii Pro eye tracking hardware and software solutions enable business and science professionals gain real insights into human behavior.With training, extensive knowledge resources and support we teach and help you to become successful in using our products in your research.Complete solution for advanced user experience and usability testing.This package enables web designers and user experience professionals to create visualizations, access behavior metrics, and to get direct user feedback through the use of live viewing.Software for a wide range of studies – from in-store shopper research to psychology experiments.Works with both our screen-based and wearable eye trackers, supporting the entire research process - from test design and recording, to the interpretation and presentation of results.

Screen-based eye tracker capturing gaze data at 30 Hz.One- or two-day preplanned courses held regularly in strategic locations around the world.Topics range from basic eye tracking hardware and software usage to how eye tracking can be used as a method in specific research fields.Wearable eye tracker designed to capture natural viewing behavior in any real-world environment while ensuring outstanding eye tracking robustness and accuracy.Possible to combine with biometric devices for even deeper insights into human behavior.