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This book will help you :-- with the big stuff: What you want and what you don't. Figure this out before you begin.--first date, second date and beyond plans and guidelines.--guidelines for your profile (and examples), your picture (keep it fresh)--responses for refusals and what to do and not do if your interested in someone.--ideas for what to talk about, the time and place of date...great suggestions! I loved this book, the author is engaging, funny, accessible, wise.

The author is an acupuncturist/healer by day and her words resonate with the wisdom accumulated by working on so many people's bodies and hearts.

My lovely and gifted daughter has a solid hit on her hands. This book is funny, irreverent, honest, helpful, and funny (did I already mention that? It provides real examples, good advice and lots of information for those of us who have ventured into the online dating arena. Also, I am a lesbian and the tips applied to the dating site I used, and it was written in a way that applied to me as well as hetro women.

I'm so proud of my daughter for writing this self help book on internet dating.

Being real with yourself and those you might date reaps big rewards.

Dating differences for different age groups might have been helpful too.She is wise, funny, courageous, and heart-centered.And she writes like she talks to her girlfriends, which you will feel like after you read this. She has hacked away a path in the internet dating jungle for us and has certainly made that world much more accessible to me and I believe she will for you, too.Even if the practice is used and serves a purpose, the phrase bothered me.It seemed discounting and disrespectful of another person.